4 High Paying Jobs that do not Require a College Degree

It is a common misconception that for you to get a high paying career job, you must have at least a college degree. While it is largely true that a college degree may give you access to a job that pays well, many people have found financial freedom without necessarily having a bachelor’s or other college qualification.

Statistics show that the number of college graduates has steadily declined over the past few years. This has been largely attributed to the rising costs of university education. This forces many students to defer and often even drop out altogether to seek other opportunities in life. Contrary to what is popularly believed, many college dropouts end up getting better-salaried jobs than their graduate counterparts.

According to CareerTrends, a research site dedicated to careers and education; there are a number of very well-paying jobs that do not require a college degree. This has been supported by O*NET, a US Department of Labor-sponsored database, which identified the highest salaries that do not necessarily require a collegiate degree. Here are some of the highest paying jobs that do not require a college degree.

1. Mail Carriers

Mail Carriers are much sought after for the vital services they offer to the economy. A Mail Carrier can on average make $55,000 per annum, with High School education as the only requirement. Mail Carriers are involved in sorting, classification of mail, and delivery on pre-assigned routes on foot or by vehicle.

2. Earth Drillers And Explosive Workers

The task of earth drillers and explosive workers involves placing and setting off explosives to remove or loosen earth, rocks and other materials, as well as pull down structures. Part of their duties may also require that they operate pneumatic, churn, or rotary drills in the course of mineral exploration.

According to Salary Site, a reputable online salary site, earth drillers can make an average of $56,000 per year. The only academic qualification needed is a high school certificate.

3. Music And Dance Choreographers

With an annual salary of well over $53,000, Music and Dance Choreographers are some of the best-paid workers who do not necessarily require a college degree. Their duties involve coming up with innovative dance routines and guiding their clients to rehearse and perfect their dance moves. They may also be called upon to direct and stage music and dance presentations. All that is required of them is a high school education and a passion for dance and music.

4. Costume And Makeup Attendants

A keen sense of observation, good customer rapport, and a high school education are all that is required for one to land a well-paying job as a costume and makeup attendant. For about $55,000 per annum, you will be asked to choose, fit, and care for the outfits of cast members and entertainers in a show.

A lack of a college education is not a hindrance to a well-paying job. There are very many jobs that an individual with only high school education can do for good pay. So, make sure that you broaden your horizon and consider if one of these career choices is the right one for you.

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