3 Creative Ways of Promoting Your Business on a Budget


Marketing is an art form, easy to practice but difficult to master. The most effective marketing is not necessarily that which reaches the most people. Rather, it is that which convinces the highest percentage of those who are exposed to it to buy the product or service that is being advertised. Many businesses, both large and small, make the mistake of thinking that effective marketing is simply a case of throwing as much money at the problem as possible. In fact, marketing your business effectively needn’t put an ungodly dent in your budget.

Here are some of the ways that you can promote your business effectively, without going overboard on your budget.

Use Guerilla Marketing Techniques

Consumers are savvier today than they have been in the past. It is now trivially easy to verify the claims being made a business, to look online for more Food information and better prices, and to compare what one business is offering with what all of its competitors are offering. All of this adds together to create an environment in which the businesses that are the most honest and the most relatable will triumph.

Guerilla marketing refers to marketing methods which are organic and much less in your face than traditional marketing. For example, a commercial played on TV is clearly identifiable as marketing material and those who watch it will know that they are watching something that is designed to ultimately extract money from them. By contrast, a piece of street art on the side of a building (with the owner’s permission of course) will draw the eyes of passers-by and can convey a message to them without them feeling like they are being manipulated into spending their money (although this is the goal of even the most well-intentioned marketing).

Go Viral

Viral marketing is notoriously difficult to do right, but when it works it has an almost limitless potential to draw in people who would otherwise have absolutely no interest in your business. Many businesses have danced with the viral marketing devil and come away completely burned, others have found that by making their campaigns interactive they have been able to create something which draws people in and which elevates their marketing campaigns to a kind of game, a mystery that their audience is eager to solve.

One way of kicking off a viral marketing campaign would be to leave a bunch of CDs or DVDs in public places. On these discs could either be the marketing material itself or perhaps a series of clues that leads users to the material. Consider using a company such as Burn World to burn large numbers of DVDs for you at a low cost.

Form Alliances with Other Businesses

Other businesses who operate in the same space as you don’t have to be competitors. Well, technically they do, but there is no reason that you can’t work together in a mutually beneficial way. Perhaps, while you both operate in the same space, you each have something to offer customers that the other can’t. Why not team up? Agree that you will recommend the rival business to those who you can’t serve yourself (you aren’t losing anything after all), so long as they do the same for you.

Marketing creatively is the best way to devise effective campaigns that don’t break the bank. These are just a few ideas – the only limit is your imagination.


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