Easy Front Yard Landscaping


Many homeowners want their front yard to be low maintenance. The same is true with their backyard landscaping. When it comes to creating a low maintenance front yard, you can either pay a landscaper to do it for you or you can do it yourself.

However you get it done, once it is complete, you will have to put minimal work into your yard to have it looking great all year. If you do decide to hire someone to handle the job for you, make sure you let that person know what your true goal is. Make sure they know that you want to have a great looking yard while putting in very little work.

Less Grass

If you have little grass in your front yard, there will be less maintenance as you won’t have as much to cut. Since mowing the lawn can take a great deal of time and energy, the less grass you have the better. A front yard landscaper will be able to give you some ideas to cut back on the amount of grass in the yard and still have it looking great.

Clover Lawns

If maintenance is an issue, your landscaper can install a clover lawn. The best thing about clover lawns is that they hardly ever need to be cut. This will either save you time or it will save you money on paying a landscaper. Clover can also thrive during droughts. If you enjoy spending time in your front yard, a clover lawn will be perfect because bugs hate clover.

Irrigation System

If you want your yard to look nice, it needs to be news blog watered during the summer. This can be a hassle unless you have an irrigation installed. Having an irrigation system will keep you from wasting water and money. Also, it is much easier than hooking up a sprinkler or dragging a hose through the yard to water the lawn.

If you use a hose to water your lawn, you need to do so at certain times of the day. If you cannot get outside before the sun comes up to water your lawn or after the sun goes down, the hot sun will damage the grass. You can either hire a professional to install one for you or your can buy a DIY kit and handle it yourself.

It is best, however, to leave the job to a professional unless you have experience with this type of thing. If the irrigation system were to start leaking, it can result in a flood and rot that will have a negative effect on the appearance and the health of your lawn. To be on the safe side, you should leave it to a pro.

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