Things you should definitely know about Spain


If only beaches, bull fights, and flamingoes come to your mind when you think of Spain, there is so much more to this beautiful country that will surprise you and make you want to take a visit right away. Starting from unique cultures to world-renowned locations, Spain is an absolutely interesting place to check out.


If you thought English is the most spoken language in the world, you cannot be more wrong. Chinese occupies the first position and Spanish comes second in the race. More than 406 million people in the world speak Spanish fluently.

Multi-named country

The name of this country has evolved over time. In the beginning, it was referred to as Iberia and then it changed to Hesperia. Around the 300 BCE, people started calling the place Hispania and slowly the name Spain got popular and has stayed until date.


When your child is born in this country, you have to give him/her two surnames. One from the father and the other from the mother. This is a beautiful way to encourage the lineage of both parents to continue for generations together.

Tourist destination

Spain is filled with amazing beaches, mountains, and monuments. Every street you turn will show you something special and keep you excited. This country alone has 44 UNESCO world heritage sites for you to check out when you visit. This means that you will need several days to look around and enjoy the beauty of the country as a visitor.


Most Spanish people are addicted to football. The Real Madrid football club in the country is often called the world’s most valuable sports team. If you love football, you should definitely watch a match live in Spain.

Wars and revolutions

From the beginning of existence, there has been no dearth of wars and revolutions within and around this beautiful country. The war against freeing Cuba remains the most remembered war by all Spanish men and women. When you look through the Spanish American war facts, you will find a lot of shocking practices and News blog events that changed history in the country and resulted in peace treaties to be signed with the USA that lasts till date.

Oldest population

According to a statement by the United Nations Organization, Spain will be the world’s oldest country by the year 2050. The life expectancy of men and women are high here and this study estimates that most of Spain’s population will be more than 60 years old by then.

Festivals and events

Anytime of the year you visit Spain, you can enjoy festivals and events happening around the country. This is called the country of fiestas and there is always fun and excitement amidst people living here. The Spanish people are known for always having a great time.


If you have still not visited Spain, do make this your travel destination right away. There is so much to look forward to and you will love the way Spain treats you.


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