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Why are elderly individuals taking refuge in payday loans?

Payday loans are undoubtedly an easy and hassle free option when you face an unexpected financial crunch. Most of the people turn to this option despite the fact that these instant cash advances attract very high rates of interest. However, recent

Debt collectors

It is a common and unpleasant thing for any company to experience difficult situations regarding late payers. The fact is that you have to take measures and apply the necessary procedures. Even when it comes to the point when you must

Smart tips to collecting from late paying customers

The majority of companies have customers who do not pay in time. So if you deal with this problem, you should know that you are not alone, because in the business industry more than 60% of the small companies have unpaid

What Payday Loans Are for and Why They Get a Bad Reputation

You might hear a lot about what supposedly qualifies as predatory lending. Back in the 2000’s, adjustable rate home loan mortgages were blamed for the housing bubble popping. Today, predatory lending is the headline when lenders get into high-interest auto loans.

Three Big Ways to Save While Getting Your Master in Accounting

We all know that grad school can be very expensive.  Many students still have loans that they took out in order to get their bachelor’s degree, which makes going back to school a big deal for them.  Today, we are going

What is an FDA black box warning?

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Money transfer advice to know about

If you have been working abroad for quite some time, and you sometimes send money to your family at home, dealing with bank fees for money transfers is probably a common issue for you. When it comes to sending money, the

Dreaming of Summer 2017? Financial tips to affording the dream

At the end of each year, many of us think about how we want to spend the following year, what resolutions we might have, and any holidays we would like to take. Rather than trying to scrape together money nearer the

Student loan consolidation advice

Student loans have helped many people acquire higher education. However, as tuition fees continue to escalate each passing year, there has been an increase in the number of people with late payments and also those who default on their loans while