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How to protect yourself against ID fraud

Your personal details are very attractive to criminals. Stealing your identity, your personal information, is something law-breakers have been doing for years to try and get their hands on your money or to get something in your name. It means that

A Look at the Top Accountancy Software of 2017

Within an accountancy department, it’s important the right software is in place so professionals can undertake their workload with efficiency in mind. With that said, tax software not only makes it easy for financial experts to quickly do their jobs but

Debt collectors

It is a common and unpleasant thing for any company to experience difficult situations regarding late payers. The fact is that you have to take measures and apply the necessary procedures. Even when it comes to the point when you must

Smart tips to collecting from late paying customers

The majority of companies have customers who do not pay in time. So if you deal with this problem, you should know that you are not alone, because in the business industry more than 60% of the small companies have unpaid